Odo "scrappy" McNutt

Belter who Prospects the Astroids of Lou Ann's Star


STR: 73
CON : 86
RS: 78
DEX: 44
INT : 75
PS: 84
LDR: 45
PRS: 95
COM: 42
XCOM: 43


Odo was born a Freebirther on a survey ship. His parents were researchers on an advanced survey ship that litteraly was boldly going … His parents were part of a “Purity first” cult which deeply engrained in him a preference for genetically unaltered humans. He is not xenophobic towards aliens but definitely considers Xeroxes and other altered humans as less than human rather than more than human. Hi youth was spent on the ship and taught him a love for space, exploration and discovery.

Odo "scrappy" McNutt

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