The first species humankind encountered. An alliance in trade and exchange of ideas flowered quickly between the two species. Alphans are avian like in appearance and demeanor. They are natural pilots and can be found captaining and piloting a fair number of Exploratory and Military Starships along the sides of Humans. Of all the species relationships, the Alphan and Human seem to be the most amicable even in this dark hour of the Taren Empire as influence wan from the known systems.
The Alphans have a flexible beak for a mouth and use a sing song form of language though can mimic many languages and sounds. Coming from large prehistoric avian they went through all the forms of leather like skin to feathers and now to a downy muted colored hair with a bald head and large darting eyes. Very vain and proud of their avian heritage they dress in colorful flowing robes.
Their work in anti gravity and flight have allowed them to build literally cities in the skies. Alpha Centori is their home star and system. With a gravity of .5 Earth G the Alphan are a tall 2 –3m tall with long gangly features with a definite bird bone structure. The hands have long fingers which help in the natural ability to pilot vehicles.
Haughty and prideful most Alphans will seem to clash a bit with others due to just personality. Gaudy in dress, egocentric, and a percepted communication style of talking beneath them or to slow children.

Civilian Pilot:
+5 RS, +10 LDR; LVL3 Piloting, LVL3 Navigation, LVL1 Combat Navigation, LVL1 Side Arm

Naval Pilot:
+10 CON, +20 LDR; LVL3 Navigation, LVL3 Combat Navigation, LVL1 Space Tactics, LVL2 Side Arm

Dropship/Fighter Pilot:
+15 CON, +10 RS; LVL3 Combat Flight, LVL2 Navigation , LVL3 Side Arm, LVL2 Weapon Systems


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