Attributes are the Character’s physical, mental, and emotional being in the Universe. Attributes range between Negative 20 to Positive 200. Most stats will be modified to reach these numbers. Attributes can not be improved through XP’s expenditure beyond 100. Racial Modifiers may push the Attribute up or down based on the Mod.
Attributes are generated by rolling D100 (2 D10’s with one being the 10’s the other being the 1’s).

The Attributes are as Follows with usage and mods they make to other game mechanics.

STR Strength- Strength is the physical prowess of a character. Damage from H2H, Melee, and Thrown items get the base damage from STR. Damage Dice for STR are as Follows:

Unskilled H2H combat and thrown items give damage of 1 D4 per 10 points of STR Character has. All damage in this manner is considered Kinetic. Melee weapons will add to this damage based on the weapon or have Player use a different dice for the damage. Melee weapons may also change type of damage such as a sword is Kinetic Slashing where a stun stick not only will act as Kinetic damage but also add Electro for the Stun affect.
Skills and Feats can change the Dice used for damage as well as modify the damage done such as the Feat Subdue under the Skill H2H.

CON Constitution- Constitution is ones ability to physically endure, handle overwhelming odors, and fight of poisons and disease. Constitution along with STR both figure into the total Hit Points of a Character.

RS Reaction Speed-

DEX Dexterity-

INT Intelligence-

PS Perception-

LDR Leadership-

PRS Personality-

COM Comeliness-

XCOM Xeno-Comeliness-

  • Any actions by a character which do not have a Named Feat or Skill will use the most logical set of attributes to roll for success of actions.*


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