Character Generation


  • Decide what type of character you want to be. See concept Sand Box.
  • Decide species that will best benifit your place in the Universe events.
  • Roll Attributes.
    Roll D100 for each Attribute as listed.
    Roll D100 for each Attribute as listed. Place the results in the order you wish.
    Roll D100 for each of the 10 Attributes, roll one extra resultant and replace any one Atrribute of your choice.
  • Calculate Attributes with Racial Modifiers
  • Calculate Attributes if any modifiers for past profession choice.
  • Calculate Hit Points and PSI points.
    To calculate Hit Points Add STR,CON, and RS together and divide by three. (STR+CON+RS)/3.
    Example: PC has
    Srength of 80
    Constitution of 45
    Reaction Speed of 68
    80+45+68=193 now divide the sum 193/3=64
    64 is the PC’s Hit Points

    To calculate PSI points add LDR and PRS and divide by 2 then add the resultant to the sum of INT and PS then divide by 3 Formula: (((LDR+PRS)/2)+INT+PS)/3
    _Example: PC has
    Intelligence 90
    Perception 72
    Leadership 35
    Personality 84
    35+84=119 divide 119/2=59, now add resultant 59+90+72=221 divide 221/3=73
    73 is the PSI Points for the PC

    All resultants should be truncated not rounded.
  • Now decide on Skills to round out character and work with GM to determine starting funds and equipment.
  • Develop back history with GM.

Character Generation

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