The Draks are a species who have traveled space for so long that they do not even know of a home planet. Natural explorers they tend to be out of communication with their own kind. Draks though not rare they are not common and to see two or more together is a rarity even more. This not to say the are unsociable, quite the opposite for the Draks tend to be very personable, jovial, and fair. Exchanging thoughts and ideas among goods are of great importance to the Draks thus many are merchants with a crew of mixed species.
Draks also have an affinity for mechanics and starship drives from their many generations of deep space living and migrating. It is unsure of how a “New” Draks is born. Some scientists have conjectured the Draks do a kind of mitosis to generate an “offspring.” Supporting evidence to this has been offered in physical observance from fellow shipmates, business associates, and so on; the Draks seem to all look the same, same bulky grey body which could have an almost starfish appearance, though this could be for other species benefit, which can form new appendages, elongate, reshape, as well as regenerate. The “head” contains an orifice from where speech comes from with two spaced dark clusters of what might be nerve tissue for eyes. Again this convention may be for appearance only and not the natural form if any really exists.
The thick grey skin gives moderate protection against Energy damage along with the ability to work in Hard Vacuum for a short period of time before the Draks’ body temperature get too low and starts to freeze the Draks solid. If the Draks does become frozen in this manner he will go into a stasis until thawed out yet if the same Draks were to get frozen in an atmosphere shielded from cosmic rays the Draks will die. It is also suspected that the presence of Cosmic Radiation help sustain these creatures.
Normal clothing for Draks is nonexistent instead a loose harness of pockets and clips for items will be worn. This allows the Draks to shape his body in the form needed to get the job done. Also this helps from a constant replacing of clothing by the Draks as if they become startled to the point of Fight or Flight the Draks will become like a giant see urchin with sharply pointed decameter long appendages. If a Draks becomes in this protective stance nothing will move him save death or his own resolve that danger is past. A player character in this stance can do nothing but roll against half his Leadership Attribute to be able to perform any actions. In this stance the Draks skin has thickened to the point of armor which can absorb 100HP of all damage types. Damage from multiple types is cumulative though.
Draks have a strange interest in old Earth slapstick humor especially the Three Stooges, love practical jokes even those played on them, and the writings of the Zinchi philosopher/satirist Terchi of the Omlisk Pride.

High affinity for PSI abilities but no religious belief system. can only gain the use of Talents through natural Savant or Alien artifacts/texts.

Mods and Specials:
PS: +25 PRS: +15 CON: +10 DEX: -15

Rate of Polymorphic Growth/Change: 5cm/rnd
Natural Energy Armor: Mitigates 10HPs of Damage/rnd
Regeneration: 1HP/Turn
Fight or Flight: Loose half HPs in one round roll against Leadership Attribute
Defense posture can roll check 1/rnd Check is against half of Leadership
Defense Mood Stats: 100HP Mitigation/ All Damage Types, damage is cumulative.


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