Electro damage is the form of any type of electrical damage. This covers Stunners to EMP generators.

Most of the time Electro damage will be a stunning type of damage with no direct damage to the Character. A check against the Character’s Constitution unless protection is worn is rolled to see if the Character is stunned. A roll of d10 will determine the length of time a Character is stunned in rounds. Some encounters or Electro damage may have longer or shorter Stun times and is outlined in the description.

Electro damage has the chance to cause equipment ran on electricity to malfunction and metal equipment to become fused beyond repair. For malfunction checks an AI or System will make an AI check to see if it was able to shunt the flow of electricity in time. Metal tools or weapons will need to make a check if the Electrical damage has direct damage capability instead of just stun. If the HP damage is greater than the item’s durability then the item is fused to uselessness.

The only sure way to defend against Electrical attacks is to “Harden” the object or armor. The is no personal screen which can protect against Electical attacks where as Ship sized objects may have a field generator which can absorb electrical based attacks as well as EMP’s but hte most common and foolproof way is the Hardening of that object.


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