Intro to the Age of Empire

Earth time line to current

2050AD Humankind begin to look for resources on other system bodies.

2080AD Limited contact is made with a species in the Alpha Centauri system.

2095AD All nuclear weapons are dismantled and used to build the first interstellar ship.

3000AD A new dawn for Humankind as governments, businesses, and citizens work towards Alpha C.

3010AD The Nautilus is finished and the selection process starts for the 200 human crew.

3015AD The Nautilus is sent under way.

3045AD The Nautilus makes into the Alpha Centauri system and is greeted by the Centauri civilization.

3045AD A Peace and Prosperity treaty is signed into place between the two species.

3046AD Dialogue opens between Alphans and Proximans with Humans the mediator.

3055AD Negotiations with the Proximans come to a halt and the PUN WAR is started.

3055-4000AD The Pun War lasted approximately 45 Earth years. Advances in space travel and weaponry leap frog-ed to current understanding of Gravatonic Drives and near Light speeds.

4001AD Peace is signed and a forging of a Council of Orion much like the UN of Earth but with more power by controlling the Military might and Space Law Enforcement agencies of the three systems.

4030AD Multiple encounters of various intelligent species as the Council sends out scout and settlement ships.

4035AD The Zinchi and Merics are brought into the Council and Trade Union.

4052AD First encounter with a Draks who tells of the Insecticide space faring species Lipchas who will become known as the “Bugs”

4053AD An envoy is sent to the Lipchas consisting of a Human, Merics, and an Alphan. The envoy was an unarmed convoy that was never heard from again.

4054AD The First Bug War starts when a remote research station is attacked and taken.

4055AD Much of the Council’s space is lost due to the relentless advancement of Bug armies and fleets.

4056AD The tides turn when the Zinchi turn over ancient artifacts from their archive. New armor and weaponry is devised from the artifacts of the Old Ones.

4058AD With a mighty push the Bugs were pushed back to original boarders and an Armistice is signed.

4065AD After the Great War all was thought to be turning to normal but the Clones who have been settling the stars and fighting the Wars of the Citizen’s start a revolt.

4067AD Clones are Emancipated and given full Citizenship and are replaced by Artificially Manufactured humans.

4075AD The Lipchas are again motivated to attack the Council of Orion but this time the Council has found an ally in an old enemy of the Lipchas, the Taupos.

4076AD With information form the Taupos envoy it is determined that the Hive organization and Queen worship of the Lipchas will forever prevent a true peace to exist.

An Emergency Meeting was held and it was decided to place all military control under a figure head the Bugs would recognize as someone they could capitulate to otherwise the war would defiantly bring all civilizations to destruction.

Creation of Her Majesty Royal Armed Forces was created with a “Queen” appointed by the Council.

4083AD The Second Bug War is over and the Bugs are now servants to Her Royal Majesty.

5083AD Current time, the resources of the inner systems of the Council are found to be very finite and a new push for collections of resources both local and reaching out to the outer systems grows anew.
Lethargy and Graft plagues Law Enforcement and the Military. The Queen has a firm grasp of the Military and the Council are now the figure heads. An Empire is born.

Intro to the Age of Empire

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