A hive mind hybrid which not only utilizes a queens guidance at the top level of organization but also down to the local nest of ten or fewer ‘bugs’. Females are the most prevalent in public with drones being more for technical and service oriented work which includes everything form Research to being a Groomer. With the population being more females casts and inner hive wars start and end quickly, this in turn helps control populations as well as ambition. Lipchans are at home on a planet in 5 G’s or a 0 G mined out asteroid.
As a Player Character either gender can be rolled with the Male receiving the +25 to INT instead of CON, take into this account in deciding what your skill paths. There is also a +5 chance added when and if checking for PSI for the race. As an independent Lipchas you will be gathering experiences which you will upload to your Hive Mother whenever possible. You may at times be instructed to retrieve goods or information; success is expected not rewarded. There is however generally some small infrastructure of help depending on the task requested from Mother.

Females have a heavy natural chitin armor that allows short durations unprotected in Hard V-Space, this chitin also acts as radiation armor at a rating of 100 HP. Males have a natural affinity for computer interfacing, when calling up any computer terminal or system they act as a LVL1 at needed skill level if they do not possess the needed skill for the feat.

Female Lipchas
Operative: You gather information for the Queen herself or perhaps one of the vying Prin - cesses to gather information both inside and outside the Great Hive.
MODS: An additional +5 to PS and INT, +10% on 1 Weapon of choice and hand to hand.
Skills: 2 Languages, LVL2 Adversary Evaluation, LVL2 Scrounge.

Security Specialist: You are the Ships security and weapons specialist. You evaluate threats and assign the appropriate response. Military, Hive, and or Private employment.
MODS: An additional +10 to STR and RS, +10% on a Ship Defense or Weapon System.
Skills: 2 Specializations of personal weapons and 1 specialization of a heavy weapon, LVL3 H2H Combat, and LVL2 Area Assessment.

Commando: You are the highest achievement of the Warrior Cast. Combat is your specialty and you are coolly efficient at it. Play can be employed as Merc, Ship Security, Ground Security, etc.
MODS: An Additional +15 to STR and CON. +10% on any H2H, Melee combat.
Skills: Melee Specialization, one Long Range Weapon Specialization, and One Short range weapon. LVL2 Ship Boarding or LVL2 Drop Suite.
Additional Start Eq.: Hard Vac Assault Powered Armor or Heavy Armor Drop Suite.

Male Lipchas
Technician: You are the jack of all trades for computer systems and ship integrated systems. You go on exploration, colonization, military, and or trade missions for Military,
the Hive, or commercial.
MODS: An Additional +10 PS and INT. +10% on any Computer System check.
Skills: 2 System, Robotics, or Computer specializations, LVL2 Ship Computer Systems or LVL2 Robotics, or LVL2 Generalities’ (can work within tech 0-x constraints of supplies to accomplish repair).

Engineer: You run the heart of the star ships of the known systems. Any starship would hire a Lipchas Engineer in a heartbeat.
MODS: An Additional +10 PS and RS. +10% to survive radioactive environment/attack.
Skills: Engineering System Specialization, LVL2 Ship Emergency Response, LVL2 EVA.

Medic: Found in any grouping of Lipchas or out in the Known systems as a ship or settlement doctor.
MODS: +10 PS and DEX. +10% to find needful medical supplies regardless of Tech.
Skills: Combat Medic or EMT specialization. LVL2 First Aid and LVL2 Field Surgery.


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