Psionics/Spiritual Encounters

Users of Talents will normally keep this ability a secret unless pressed to use it openly, they will use a talent under the guise of technology, luck, or just a good guess. The exception to this is most predominately the Zinchi, for every one knows they see “other things.” The other exception is Religious orders and their counterpart of Spiritualists who use a universal connection concept instead of a deity intervention concept as do Religious orders. Both tend to be at odds with each other to the point of some remotely pocketed systems may spawn a backwaters version of Religious Order or Spiritualist group which will violently purge other competing and opposed factions from this localized group of Systems in Her Majesty’s Empire.

A Player Character/NPC must check to see if he/she/it is a Savant, Talented, or Initiated. In order to do so a rating over 45 PSI must be had, then Perception must be over 85 and Personality over 60 which now allows for a roll of the dice: roll D100 and a roll of 5% (Zinchi roll at 8%, Taupos roll at 10%, Arti’s roll at 3%) or below means the that the being has natural talent and can pick D2 talents. A failed Natural Talent roll does not mean that the PC can not be a Talent user. Through Spiritual/Religious studies and exercises the Player can develop an Initiated character to practice Talents.

To use Talents the character expends PSI Points based on Talent’s requirements. Talents do not level nor are they acquired from the expense of experience points. Talents are gained through studies/meditation, research in ancient religions/spirituality, or through the studying of an ancient text of Xeno origins. The success check is to roll under the Current PSI Points with D100.

Encounters with the mind and spirit require the use of PSI points and the ability to use Talents.
Damage incurred from Psionics/Spiritual is to the PSI points a Player Character has calculated from his Int, PS, LDR, and PRS. The formula is PSI Points =(INT+PS+((LDR+PRS)/2)/3.

If a player reaches 0 PSI Points he falls unconscious and defenseless to mind probes and suggested actions to include memories of past actions. The Character or NPC is also defenseless to physical attack but all armor, screens, and other such defenses not in active control of the unconscious character still give modifiers and damage mitigation stats. AI’s implanted can make it’s own defensive checks against Psionic attacks. Spiritual attacks do not kill the AI but instead reset it to it’s root bios recovery routines and will take d20 turns to fully recover to last known stable state.

To gain back PSI Points a character must spend time in VR Meditation, Meditation, Sleep, or just inactivity. Rates of gain: Sleep 15PSI/HR, VR Mediation 10PSI/HR, Meditation 5PSI/HR, and Inactivity 1PSI/HR

Universalists of God
His Holy Church of the Eternal Catholic Faith
Muslims of the True Faith
Church of the Later Day Saints
Geae of Hope
Hindi (with a rise in the secret worship of Kali)
Buddhist Various localized monasteries and system holdings.

One True Genome
Unificationists (secretively trying to bridge the gap permanently between Ether and ours)
Pride of the True Seeing
Thaunti– Secret worship of the god of War
Kishtra– Goddess of Intellect and Control
Slaissa– One true God
Lsitra– God/Goddess of the Hunt
Spiritual Union of Stars
Crawlisha– The Oneness of Flight
Taunti– Secret practice of genetic necromancy
The Great Mother/Healer
Chictaca– Death Worship (Spiritualist specializing with communication with dead)
Queen Worship
None save self serving enlightenment.
No organized spiritual or religious belief system.


Mind Shield: This mental shield will protect the user against PSI attacks by halving the damage dealt by the attack. The cost to use this is 5 PSI and to succeed is a roll under the character’s current PSI.

Mind Blast– Causes direct damage of 1d6 per 5PSI spent in the attack. A success roll under your current PSI Points must be made to see if attack is successful. The defending character can roll to save by rolling under his INT if he does not have Talents, if character has Talent then that character can use his Mind Shield Talent.

Ego Whip– Causes direct damage of 1d4 per 5PSI spent in attack plus a negative modifier of 1 per 5PSI Points spent to any LDR or PRS check for 1d8 turns.

Empathy– Will Heal 1d4 HP per 5PSI spent; up to a max of the total HP of the caster can be healed in this manner in a 24 hour.

Exorcise– Purge subliminal suggestions, spiritual positions, and any forced control by another to include artificial control devices. 15 PSI must be spent for this Talent.

Possess: A ghost or other free willed spirit of the Etheric realm can try to possess a being in this realm. Player Characters can not try to Possess another being.
This attack if successful gains control of the MOB, NPC, or Player Character until the Spirit decides to leave, the possessed creature makes a personality check, or the Spirit is exorcised.
The Ghost can attempt to Possess a creature upon first contact, every 5 rounds there after, or if the being it possessed died. Possession costs 20 PSI to try.

Inviger: Will boost STR and RS by 5% of Target per PSI point expended. Target can be self.

Encourage: Will boost FSP checks by 5% of Target per PSI point expended. Target cannot be self.

Push: Affects electrical devices.

Influence Others

Influence Group

Influence Mob


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