A Skill is a category which has named Feats under it. The Skill group is representing a Knowledge Base in an area with Feats representing named actionso or specializations giving bonuses to various FSP checks under given cercumstances with it’s own FSP at a better success chance than relying on Atributes alone.

A Skill will have an Atribute atached to it. The Skill as well as underlying Feat may require a set Attribute score or better. This will be stated in the Description of a Skill or Feat.

Attepting an action falling under a Skill by an unskilled character, the unskilled character will use the Attribute attached to the Skill set devided by 4 for LVL 1 and will advance in divisor by level of skill as fallows:

LVL 1 Skill = Attribute/4
LVL 2 Skill = Attribute/5
LVL 3 Skill = Roll FSP of 10% or under
LVL 4 Skill = Roll FSP of 5% or under
LVL 5 Skill and above = Roll FSP of 3% or better.

Groupings of Skill sets basically will follow this grouping format with the Feats under those Skills, some Feats may fall under more than one Skill set.

Groupings are as follows:
Psionics-Spiritual falls under it’s own rule set as defined under that heading.

Gaining and Advancing Skills and Feats.

During the adventure experience points or XP’s are awarded to the party and individuals by the GM for actions during the game. These points are then spent to increase Skills, Feats, or Attributes as well as to learn new Skills or Feats. Skill knowlege is based on levels and under each level are named Feats avalable. The named Feats are not automatic to know they aslo must be purchased with XP’s.

Learning a Skill takes 100 XP’s spent by Character. This will give the Character a Level 1 rating in that Skilled knowlegde base. FSP for Skill is based on the level rating and follows this progression.

LVL 1= 30% FSP
LVL 2= 40% FSP
LVL 3= 50% FSP
LVL 4= 55% FSP
LVL 5= 60% FSP
LVL 6= 65% FSP
LVL 7= 70% FSP
LVL 8= 73% FSP
LVL 9= 76% FSP
LVL 10=79% FSP

Currently it takes 100 XP’s to raise a level and 100 XP’s to learn a named Feat under a Skill. The FSP listed in the chart above is only the base FSP, the FSP will be modified by environment, tools, and other factors the GM will take into consideration.
A Skills FSP can not be raised without advancing to the next level, where as a Feat can be learned then advance the FSP at a one for one point of XP to FSP point.

Player wants to learn to Hack, he has a total of 250XP’s left over form gaming. The Feat Hack is under the Computer Skill at Level 2.
Our Character has Level 1 Computer Skill so he must raise the skill to Level 2 to open up the Hack Feat. He will spend 100 XP’s to raise the Computer Skill to Level 2 (this now gives any actions involving computers a FSP of 40% unless a named Feat is used.) Our Player now has unlocked Hack but he must spend 100 XP’s to get a base knowledge of the Feat. The beginning FSP is for a newly learned Feat is 30%, this gives our player a 1 in 3 chance of Hacking a computer system with no modifications.
Our player has used 200 points of his over all XP’s, wanting to be able to hack security systems with a better chance he takes the remanding 50 points of XP’s and places them in Hack giving the Player a total of 80% FSP for HACK.

A Feat can not be raised above 80% by the use of XP’s. To raise Feats beyond an 80% FSP the Feat must have been successfully been used in the last gaming session, then the Player must roll higher than the unmodified FSP of the Feat. If the Player is successful then the player rolls D10 and adds that to his Feat FSP.

Using our Player form the above example has just finished another session where his 80% FSP for Hack came in very handy to get through Security Doors. Since his FSP for Hack is at 80% the player can not advance the Feat unless he is successful at using it. Being successful in the last session he placed a mark next to it so he would remember to make a Feat Improvement Check.
To make the Feat Improvement Check our Player now rolls D100 to roll higher than 80%, the current unmodified FSP for Hack. The Player is successful with rolling a 83 on D100. Now to roll a D10,the result is 3. We add the resultant of 3 to the Hack FSP which now gives a base of 83% FSP for our Player.


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