The obvious arachnid origins give the crab or spider appearance to other species. Due to this appearance the Taupos suffer penalties to Xeno-Comeliness. The Taupos and the Lipchas both insectoid species come from a common grouping of systems but since the migration to space the Taupos have given up any formal settlement on any give celestial body. Natural enemies to the Lipchas it will be a vary rare instance two species will be seen operating for a common goal.
The Taupos took to Space flight and Astrogation like a fish to water. Living in solitude or small clutches aboard deep-space starships. Taupos have been known to prey on merchant ships wondering off normal star routes. As a Player Character Taupos will be hired as Navigators, Engineers, or even Space Combat Tacticians.
Taupos embrace technology and use cyber implants and augmentations beyond the point of most race, it has been documented that some of the more notorious members of this race have had a completely cybernetic body only containing the brain of the original organic being. The cost for augmentations, implants, or replacement is reduced by 15% in cost due to the racial affinity for cyberization.
Taupos are highly intelligent and perceptive more than the physical universe and run an extra 5% when checking for PSI skills. The intelligence the Taupos have is of a very diabolical nature thus there battle tactics have no equal. It is quite a site to watch formations of Taupos Attack ships decimate an opponent 10 times their strength in size and or numbers.

+25 INT, +10 PS, +15 RS, -30 XCOM.
Natural secretion of ‘web’ like substance which has now evolved into a means of zero G locomotion.
LVL3 Space Navigation and LVL2 Astrogation, or LVL3 Weapons Systems and LVL2 Combat Tactics, or LVL3 Engineering and LVL2 Ship System of Choice.
Choice of star ship interface augmentations to improve main skill set or particulare players choice of re placement bodying part.

Space Commando Option:
+10 INT, +20 RS, +20 STR, -30 XCOM; LVL3 Ship Security Systems, LVL2 0G H2H Combat, LVL2 Weapon, and LVL2 Weapons Systems. Exoskeleton Augmentation w/ Hard V-Space seals.

Smuggler Option:
+10 INT, +15 RS, + 15 PRS, -10 XCOM; LVL3 Hands On Piloting, LVL2 Backwaters Navigation, LVL2 Negotiation, LVL3 Side Arm of choice. LVL2 Friends in Low Places


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