The Zinchi are a feline species which average a meter and half, are bi-pedal, and covered with fur. The Zinchi are more like earth cats used as pets in over all appearance except they stand erect, have a developed thumb with claws which retract to points where the first knuckle is. These claws are approximately 6cm in length when extended and do D8 damage on H2H feats and actions. These claws can damage up to light ballistic armor.
Not large nor with brute Strength the Zinchi have remarkable agility and reaction speed along with a heightened perception.
Just as varied in colors, patterns, and length as the Earth house ca is the Zinchi fur. Loose fitting and lite fabrics along with harnesses instead of pockets are the preferences in dress with earth tones to deep reds and purples in color choice. Zinchi jewelry is and is normally more than mere ornamentation. If jewelry is it will have a deep meaning or memory to the Zinchi.
Zinchi live on a few planets around the rim of the Empire but are not indigenous to them. The Zinchi are not sure of their origins but have legends of the Ancient Ones or the Great Ones or even the Benefactors who brought them to the Systems Eons ago when they were primitives and non-tool users. When speaking of these beings all Zinchi will take on a reverent and adoring tone. There have been minor ancient High Tech artifacts found in and around the Zinchi systems. The Zinchi as a whole feel these artifacts belong to them and must be guarded or why else would have the Ancients left the Artifacts with the Zinchi.
Zinchi have a higher than normal chance to also be a natural Talent user, thus they can see the “un-natural” even if not a Savant. An average Perceptive Zinchi will see spirits, ghosts, and poltergeists in the form of a fleeting shadow. A higher perceptive Zinchi will make out a difference between the various types of etheric beings. A Talented Zinchi will make out the shape and forms of individual etheric creatures and may be able to identify individuals on a check against PS/2.
Zichi are fierce fighters as well as covert operatives. Loyal to those they deem worthy they will be the best friend any being can have unless the Zinchi feels severely crossed.

Typical Roles:
Xeno-Researcher/Pseudo-Science Research
Performer– Living Arts (Dance, Theater, Acrobatics)
Thief (Non-violent High End targets)

Tech Mods
+5 to any Needler Feat
Start with level 1 Needler Side Arm

+20% to cost of Cybernetics due to vanity and they must look natural.
-10% to PRS checks involving Alphans (A primal hunger tells them that the Alphans would taste good)

Stat Mods:
RS: 10
INT: +5
STR: -10

Prefers cooler to moderate climates.
Does not do well in gravity over 1.25 EG.
-1 to Movement, -2% to RS
Can see in Star light.


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