Children of Orion

Is a Science Fiction/Fantasy setting in the far future of the area surrounding Earth for approximately 100 LY. There are 10 defined playable races in an open sand box setting though the universe has many more than that.

Encounters can occur planet side, on moons/asteroids, in deep space stations, as well as in hard vacuum it self.

Players start with 5 years or more experience in a given profession but is not confined to that profession. At any time the player can start a new path in his life. Skill learning is only regulated by the ability to learn the skill. At this stage of the adventure the player will have earnings and trappings from the last 5 years and a skill set reflecting this but from there on they are free to follow a path of their choosing within the guise of the environment set by the GM.

The game mechanics are worked to allow for heroic actions, allow for grandiose Role Playing if desired by the Player, and to keep the dice rolling without getting bogged down in rules. With that said this is not an overly simple system, Damage is defined by a type such as Kinetic, Energy, etc.

More to follow…

Children of Orion

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